Ocean Sunsets

Ocean Sunsets Photo Screensaver 2.0

Ocean Sunsets Photo Screensaver 2.0: Relax and enjoy these breathtaking pictures of sunsets. Photo Screen Savers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures that prompt the imagination and recall exotic memories. Relax and enjoy these breathtaking pictures of sunsets. While contemplating the sunsets, you will experience peace and tranquility. Five different full size pictures appearing on your creen will make you rediscover our planet`s beauties.

Waves and Sunsets ScreenSaver 2.0: Sun and Ocean. Two greatest creators on this planet. Enjoy their eternal game!
Waves and Sunsets ScreenSaver 2.0

Waves and sunsets are the gifts of the ocean and the sun. Those offerings can only be taken by your open heart. The more it is opened, the greater is the offering and the joy. Take it with warm-hearted gratitude which is a great joy itself…

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Spectacular Sunsets Screensaver 1.0: Free screensaver with 20 full size sunset images. Exceptionally high quality.
Spectacular Sunsets Screensaver 1.0

Free screensaver with 20 full size sunset images. Exceptionally high quality and guaranteed to please. Photography of sunsets with these stunning settings... beach... lighthouse... palm trees... pier... mountains... snow... ocean... rivers... and more. Enjoy.

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Ocean Strategy Software (Red, Blue) 1.0: Ocean Strategy [Red, Blood, Blue] Software (Strategic Analysis, Management)
Ocean Strategy Software (Red, Blue) 1.0

oceans. These challenges are very different from those to which strategists have devoted most of their attention. In blue oceans, demand is created rather than fought over. There is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid. There are two ways to create blue oceans: a) One is to launch completely new industries, as eBay did with online auctions. b) It is more common for a blue ocean to be created from within a red ocean when

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DPSM - Underwater Ocean ScreenSaver 1.4: Ocean Slideshow Screensaver.The part of ocean on your computer screen!
DPSM - Underwater Ocean ScreenSaver 1.4

Ocean is one of the most fascinating views one can imagine. Depths of ocean have always attracted people. They hide some mystery. Slow waving of water-plants, measured movements of fish and other creatures make ocean an embodiment of calm and quiet. Ocean is a secret itself. It`s amazing and wonderful. A tiny part of this world is precious if not priceless. It seems to be unbelievable that a man can own a peace of ocean. However, there`s nothing

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Earth 3D Space Tour 1.1: Realistic 3D animated Earth views from space. Beautiful cosmic sunrise.
Earth 3D Space Tour 1.1

This unique hardware-accelerated screensaver features true photo-realistic and astronomically accurate 3D animation of the Earth viewed from Space. It will catch your eyes by beautiful scenes of cosmic sunrises and sunsets, amaze you by stunning real-looking atmosphere effects and oceanic shines. Endless arbitrary camera flyby trajectory allow to admire the Planet in different perspectives and views.

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Arid Ocean 1.2: Arid Ocean is a realistic looking marine life simulation.
Arid Ocean 1.2

Arid Ocean is a realistic looking marine life simulation. You can swim around in a virtual ocean, explore the underwater world and view a large number of fish, sharks and dolphins living in the ocean. You can also display information about the life habitat of each species. Various original soundscapes add to the realistic ambience of the simulation. Arid Ocean can be used as a stand-alone application or as a screen saver.

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